July 4, 2015


Spewing Fourth!  Anden!  Anden!

400m Run + 1x Wall Balls, rest 2 mins.

400m Run + .5x Wall Balls, rest 2 mins.

200m Run + x Wall Balls.

x = time (in SECONDS) iT took to complete the sprint.  Example:  400m Run = 1:15 seconds = 75 wall balls!  Round up for the .5x


June 29, 2015

Howdy Prometheans – Starting today, the programming is going to be a little different.  I think a lot of you will enjoy it.  Here’s a little bit of guidance to help you optimize your training and overall experience.

  • Most WODS (and WOD set up) will start on the :10 of the hour.  Your coach will either have a suggested warm-up, a group warm-up, or indication that you should feel free to warm up yourselves.  If you’re late, you’re late.  Don’t be late.
  • Occasionally, there won’t be an Rxd weight.  Your coach should provide you with  a general sense of load or time domain.  In the case of EMOMs, determine a load that you can go for the intended length of the EMOM.
  • Most WODS should end by the :50 of the hour.  It might even end sooner, some might end later.  Take the time to cool down and perform some mobility work.  Better yet, take the time to chat with your teammates or hit your coach up for anything that may be on your mind.  If in Troy’s class, request some sweet acoustic jams.

As usual, let me know what you think of adjustment!  Hope you all have fun fun fun!


AMRAP6:  2 Muscle Ups + 15 Double Unders, Rest 2 mins.

EMOM5:  1 Snatch + 10 OHS, Rest 2 mins.

21-15-9:  KBS + Lateral Hops Over KB

June 27, 2015 – Special Birthday and Goodbyes!


Gymnastics Play

2RFT: 55 Burpees + 55 Lunges + 55 Double-Unders

Note from TnL:  We’ll be sad to be missing this, but we won’t be around for this WOD today.  And while I don’t normally shout out a birthday, I have to say Happy Happy Birthday to one of our most amazing members.  At this point, she’s one of our longest tenured members from back at the old box.  (Remember the Commando Hole?)  She’s made such great progress and continues to be one of our inspirations every day.  I know you feel like I’m always “picking on you”, Rosey, but you know we love you so much!  Happy Birthday!  And kick everybody’s ass today!


Look at Rosey working so hard in this picture while the other dudes are goofing off.

Crappy Goodbyes:  The picture above made me sad.  (Sad Troy means the programming is going to be nasty next week! JK!  Kind of!)  When you own a gym, lots of people come and go.  Some were never good fits, and some continue to search for their tribe elsewhere.  It’s all good.  We’re definitely not for everybody.  But we’ve managed to have some really cool people come our way over the years.  And it’s always sad to say goodbye.  Christa Root was our first outside client.  Can you believe she actually signed up after doing her first WOD in our garage?  Must have been the post WOD steak and Red Wine.  But we said goodbye to her a few weekends ago.  She’s all grown up now and has relocated to Florida to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a Pediatrician.  Congrats Doctor Root!


Pop Quiz:  How many of you asshats know BL’s real name?  Barely Legal got his name because he walked into the old box at 18, right after high school and on his way to Estanfor.  We’ve abused him so much, there are people who see him around Palo Alto or campus and call him BL not knowing what his real name is.  Now he’s all graduated up and on his way to DC.  Marco, Brijinder, and I would sit and listen to him ask about all kinds of stuff:  booze, girls, steroids, careers.  Of course, none of us knew anything about that stuff.  Brijinder, speaking of Brijinder.

Brijinder!  You’ll be back.  Marco’s betting on it!  😉


Now for these two knuckleheads.

Totally appropriate that these two pains in my ass look like they are holding hands.  Adrian and his boob molded borrowed women’s wetsuit.  I’ve never had so many grapes and Costco Chickens brought to my house than over the last couple of years.  But these two were some of the hardest workers and all around nice guys.  Also moving on to awesome things:  #bigshotjustin and #southernhemisphereparadise.  Justin, I know you haven’t technically left yet – but you and Adrian are not going to drag this goodbye thing any further.

There are so many more who have moved far away (Escalante, Rickshaw, Meatbag, AmySu, Yaky, Bob, Stigmata, Hackwell, Orion, Benros etc.), and I miss you all.  Remember: whenever you feel really awesome about yourselves and you’re overflowing with confidence, self respect, self esteem, etc.; feel free to come home.  I’ll take care of that for you. 😉

Aloha, Fatboy!

Sorry, couldn’t help post a couple more pics of the Wonder Twins.

DSC_0035 DSC_0038