May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kyle Emard!

Shoulder Press 3×5

On the minute for 5 minutes, complete the following sequence:
5 power cleans*  + 5 burpees + 20 lateral hops over bar.
*Class A: 155/108, Class B: 135/95, Class C: 105/73; Class D: 75/53, Class E: 45/35. Class F: 15# bar on paralletes

After 4 min rest, choose another weight class and repeat.

Note: For each round the sequence is not fully completed, assess a 5 push-up penalty, to be completed at the end of workout.

3 thoughts on “May 5, 2014

  1. I already miss early morning crossfit! Went to the hotel fitness center when i woke up – well, after i waited for it to open – and did speed intervals on the treadmill, then found a spot to do 10->1 1->10 burpees and situps, then did 100 squats. Got several quizzical looks from people on ellipticals.

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