Sunday School – Another take on the “23/1 rule”.

The Sectionals reminded me why Lori and I got into this.  We started Prometheus Athletics because we like athleticism and sportsmanship.  We also value education, science, free thought and intellectualism in general.  So we thought, let’s start a brand that promotes science education, free thought, and fitness.  I look around our box today and see molecular biologists, immunologists, microbiologists, astrophysicists, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, software engineers, lawyers, public defenders (I’ve been enlightened to the difference!), medical professionals, authors and – dear to my heart – MANY students and teachers!  The vision is certainly coming true.

But this group of geeks stood out like a sore thumb last weekend!  Was it our lack of cleverly misspelled-skull-and-crossboned-pitbulled-demon winged-barbed wired-gothic-fonted-testosterone-infused tshirts?  We do have our share of heathens, hedonists and hooligans but we’re definitely not your typical box.

So we proudly flew our flag at the Sectionals and had a number of inquiries on Monday.  You want to join our box?  You want in?  While we’re obviously interested in what you can do (or want to do) during your one hour with us, we’re also interested in what you do during the other 23.  Fire-breathing isn’t enough.  What are you doing with the rest of your brief spark of consciousness?


6 thoughts on “Sunday School – Another take on the “23/1 rule”.

  1. Great post Coach!

    This rung a bell about a book I read, maybe The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama or some other Buddhism reference. Anyway, it referenced the fact that anybody can go to the Himalayas and have a “spiritual” experience – but what about in everyday life? Maybe you’re an a-hole to your co-workers or don’t take time for kids, etc.

    I like to say, “always training” and literally mean always training. Training to be better physically, but also in each thinking moment. When I see someone who’s disgustingly obese, I have to remind myself, “you are my brother, you are my sister” – those thoughts of judgement will then leave and my mind is no longer occupied with that useless chatter.

    I always appreciated the environment that is obviously present at Prometheus. I’m just starting to get back to 24 hour and its SUCH a different environment. I’ll try not to judge 😉 but I definitely miss the energy at the Prometheus box.

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